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Win a FREE store makeover courtesy of Anchor Magnets!

Competition Terms & Conditions

  1. By entering this competition you agree to be bound by its terms & conditions contained herewith.
  2. By entering this competition you agree that you have the authority to represent your business and/or its owner for the purposes of the visual merchandising of your store.
  3. The entry dates for this competition are from 24th August to 31st October 2018. No entries submitted outside of these dates will be considered.
  4. The winner will be contacted by both Modern Retail and Anchor Magnets to arrange delivery of the prize. By entering this competition you agree to give permission to Modern Retail and Anchor Magnets to contact you for the purposes of administering the competition.
  5. The prize will be one free store makeover and will be supplied by Anchor Magnets Ltd. Anchor Magnets reserves the right to define the offer and the retail space to which free-of-charge products will be applied. For practical reasons, Anchor Magnets can’t set a monetary value on the prize, which can only be determined by the amount of materials used, which in turn is determined by the size of the retail space where the materials would be applied. Anchor Magnets will pay for the material cost, printing of materials, installation and design work of the prize.
  6. The winning retailer will be expected to work in concert with Anchor Magnets throughout the process.
  7. The winning retailer agrees to grant permission to Anchor Magnets to use imagery of its store in future promotional materials.
  8. Anchor Magnets retains the right to return to the retailer at a mutually convenient time to obtain additional imagery.
  9. Both the competition and the prize are offered in good faith and neither Ricochet Media Services Ltd (t/a Modern Retail) or Anchor Magnets Ltd shall have any liability and they shall both be fully indemnified against any and all costs, damages, claims and expenses arising from either the entry of the competition or the award of the prize.

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